St. Croix Initiative To Give Homeless Individuals A Real Christmas

Ten Thousand Helpers of St. Croix, Inc. has been a beacon of light for men who may be homeless or suffer with mental illness. It’s a program that gives those individuals a second chance at life.  Malik Stridiron is the program director for Ten Thousand Helpers, and he’s been working for more than a decade to help men who have fallen on hard times and lost their homes.  The program also helps people who suffer with a mental illness.

“Ten Thousand Helpers is a transitional home where we offer housing for ten males who are mentally ill or homeless, whether they have, may or may not have substance abuse issues,” says Stridiron.

The transitional home is called Rainbow House, and the program gets most of its funding through grants, with occasional supplemental funding by the local Virgin Islands government.  Right now, the program doesn’t support women.

Rainbow House 4

During this holiday season, however, Stridiron plans to give many of the needy more than the usual hot meal with the help of community partners and volunteers.  Their initiative is called Angels on St. Croix Streets.  The slogan is Give Hope this Christmas, Everyone Deserves A Christmas. The group has started collecting donations of clothing, including shoes, socks and underwear for men, women and children.  They are also asking for toiletries so they can wrap boxes of presents to take to homeless individuals from one end of the island to the other on December 23.

Stridiron has been a strong advocate for mental health for many years.  The Angels initiative is just one of many ways to bring community awareness.  His goal with this Christmas project is to teach the community, particularly the youth how to approach the homeless, and show compassion for their fellow man.

For more information on how you can be an angel, or sponsor contact Malik Stridiron at 340-422-2828.

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